About Me

Welcome to my personal website, my name is Brandon S. Keath!

I am an Ethical Hacker, Web Developer, Public Speaker, Professor, Computer Scientist, and Author.

I currently lead the Cyber Security Practice at Appalachia Technologies which includes everything from Penetration Testing services and Red Team exercises to managed Cyber Security.

I hold a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and Information assurance from Western Governor’s University and a BS degree from Central Penn College in IT with a concentration in Applications Development. I also hold numerous industry certifications! I am currently going back to Western Governor’s University for an MBA in IT Management.

I am active in the Cyber Security community and often volunteer to lead meetup groups and give presentations related to Cyber Security at various related conferences and events such as BSIDES, security summits, and other related events. For a calendar of upcoming events, simply reach out.

I am an avid Python developer working on various Cyber Security Open Source Projects. I am always looking for new interesting projects to collaborate on or join so please feel free to reach out. I am an activist in Cyber Security that believes changing our societies culture is key in battling the current Cyber Security threats we face!

Please feel free to check out the resources on this website.